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The VMM-T1 is a complete timer/driver system for normally open or closed shutter operation. For precision control, flexibility, accuracy, and repeatability, it incorporates every feature necessary for most applications.

The VMM-T1 offers an exposure and delay interval range from .1ms to 2.8 hours. The VMM-T1 also provides three choices for both internal timer activating and resetting. In addition, the shutter can be controlled from the BNC inputs, these inputs can also be controlled via a computer serial port (RS-232C). By selecting the proper address for each unit, up to 8 devices can be controlled from one serial port.


  • Replaces the T132 controller.
  • Exposure and delay interval range from .1ms to 2.8hrs.
  • Precision crystal controlled exposure and delay timing.
  • 0.5% timing accuracy.
  • Duty cycle control throughout timing range in the continuous mode.
  • .1ms resolution of exposure times.
  • Delay timer can be positioned from post-exposure or pre-exposure.
  • Continuous or 1-99 exposure selection operation via Exp. Preset control.
  • Normally open or normally closed shutter operation.
  • Exposure determined by external pulse source (BNC, TTL) or internal timer.
  • Internal timer triggered by: External trigger pulse (BNC, TTL) Remote actuate cable Front panel actuate pushbutton switch
  • Internal timer reset by: External reset pulse (BNC, TTL) Remote actuate cable Front panel reset pushbutton switch
  • All BNC inputs can be controlled from a rising or falling edge.
  • Exposure pulse output BNC, TTL.
  • Delay pulse output AUX terminal #1.
  • Electronic synchronization output BNC, TTL.
  • All inputs controllable via RS-232 interface.
  • RS-232 interface addressable via 8 selectable addresses.
  • Up to 8 units can be controlled independently from one computer serial port.
  • Selectable pulse energy for operation of the VS35 and VS45 shutter types.
  • Cable included 710C Shutter interconnect (7-pin male to 7-pin female. 10 ft.)
  • Black aluminum enclosure.
  • Operates on both 115 VAC and 230 VAC voltages manual switching as required.
  • Power input 115/230 VAC 3 prong plug.
  • Size (HWD) 2.6 x 5.5 x 8.00 in. (6.60 x 13.9 x 20.3 cm)
  • Weight 4.0 lbs (1.81kg)



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