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Gocator 2300 family of 3D megapixel sensors
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• High speed and low latency
• Setup and control via web browser
• Built-in tools; no programming
• Pre-calibrated to scan micron-level details
• Required open-source SDK
• Compact and light weight and robust

Gocator 3D smart sensors are all-in-one measurement solutions that set a new standard for introducing control and optimization in today’s automated factory equipment. Gocator’s built-in, web-based user
interface and measurement tools make 3D inspection easy and provide end-users with total control over setup and operation. Gocator sensors ship pre-calibrated to deliver measurement results out-of-the-box.

An open-source SDK and micro-second networking support sophisticated multi-Gocator possibilities to deliver unparalleled flexibility. Users can quickly perform 100% non-contact inline inspection, track and sort parts, and communicate results either directly or to a PLC.

Gocator sensors are available in different fields of view, measurement ranges, laser classes, resolutions, and levels of customization to suit your application’s needs.Many of today's 3D measurement and control applications require higher-resolution devices to inspect small parts over a large field of view. The Gocator 2300 product line includes the2300 megapixel family of pre-calibrated all-in-one 3D smart sensors providing 3D profile data with resolution down to the micron level; faster speeds than previous models.

Key features

Smaller and faster: side-by-side sensors communicate via GigE interface
While smaller in size than the 2000 models, the 2300 series outputs data at a four-fold rate compared to earlier models and to accommodate the higher data rate, the new sensors communicate with a Gigabit Ethernet interface for faster data delivery.

Gocator’s small footprint and less than 1.5 kg weight makes it easier to install in confined spaces or on robotic arms. Also the narrower sensor package makes it simple to mount sensors in a side-by-side configuration to scan wide surfaces without gaps in coverage.

Cost savings
The Gocator 2300 family reduces the cost of factory automation by making product validation easy to implement and maintain. Simple to integrate and industrially designed for the rugged needs of the factory floor, Gocator 3D smart sensors are packed with built-in tools that can have a big impact on the bottom line.

Megapixel resolution measures the finer details
Gocator 2300 sensors measure micron level features leveraging megapixel resolution while maintaining large fields of view and can now screen parts for very small defects, raising the bar for quality inspection.

High-speed data delivery

Gocator's powerful processing engine and Gigabit Ethernet interface will deliver profile data up to 5000 Hz.

Impressive Flexibility
Regardless of the type of system, Gocator 2300 sensors are easy to integrate. The available Modbus TCP support makes integrating into PLC-controlled systems easy and achievable without additional software development. The Open Source SDK allows advanced users to have full control and create additional value from their Gocator sensors and systems

Ease of use
Gocator’s built-in web server allows for flexible configuration of profiling settings and measurement tools via all major web browsers, on any computer and operating system. With no additional software to install, Gocator’s out-of-the box setup and configuration is fast and easy.

Standalone and scalable
Single sensors require no additional controllers, amplifiers or PCs. Gocator systems can effortlessly scale to multiple sensors using LMI Master hubs which take care of power distribution, laser safety interlock, encoder and digital input handling, and microsecond synchronization.

Data Points/Profile
Resolution Z (mm)
0.006 - 0.014
0.013 - 0.037 0.019 - 0.060 0.053 - 0.173 0.071- 0.413
Resolution X (mm)
0.044 - 0.075
0.095 - 0.170
0.150 - 0.300
0.275 - 0.550
0.375 - 1.100
Measurement Range
Field of view
Scan rate
Approx. 170Hz to 5000 Hz
Gigabit Ethernet
Dimensions 49x75x142 49x75x197
Weight (kg)
Operating temp
0 to 50°C
Storage temp
-30 to 70°C
Gasketed aluminum enclosure, IP67

Gocator 2300 Datasheet




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