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Falcon VGA300 HG
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Falcon VGA300HG monochrome camera

Incredibly fast and highly responsive
Continuing with DALSA's tradition of manufacturing excellence, the Falcon VGA 300 HG monochrome camera delivers 640 x 480 monochrome pixels at 300 fps and is optimised for high sensitivity.

The combination of frame rate and high image quality make this camera well-suited for applications such as electronics inspection, semiconductor inspection, industrial metrology (gauging) and other general machine vision applications.

The Falcon VGA300 HG uses DALSA CMOS technology for low power consumption enabling it to be compliant with Power over Camera Link (PoCL) standards simplifying cabling needs and lowering cable costs: one compact mini-CameraLink interface cable provides power to and data from the camera.

A definitive choice for area-based systems, the Falcon VGA300 is fully programmable, incorporates exposure control, gain and offset adjustment, flat-field correction to optimize system performance; and is delivered in a robust, compact body.

The camera's high responsivity allows highr speeds, shorter shutter times and more products to be inspected in a shorter time.

What features and benefits are available to me when using the Falcon VGA300 HG camera?



High frame rates

* Captures more in less time
* Reduced costs per unit
* High-speed image capture
Power over Camera link

* One cable for everything
* Lower system cost and complexity

Factory-installed flat-field correction

* No need for client to perform Flat-field Correction in their system
* Removes image artifacts resulting from dark, offset, FPN and PRNU noise

Global shutter and exposure Integration starts and ends at the same point in time for every pixel avoiding several problems associated with cameras using rolling-shutter mechanisms
Large pixel pitch 7.4 µm x 7.4 µm for greater responsivity
Longer camera link cable * 10 meter transmission @ 80 MHz
* Eases system complexity by using almost double the cable length of other cameras - addresses more potential applications with one camera
Compact camera body * 44mm cube fits into tight spaces
* Weighs less than 175 grams making these cameras more suitable for gantry applications


Model Falcon VGA300 HG (Part number: FA-21-3HK3H)
640 x 480
Sensor CMOS
Data Rate
160 MHz
Max. Line/Frame Rate
300 fps
Pixel Size
7.4µm x 7.4µm
Video Output
Mini Base CameraLink
44 x 44 x 44 mm³
Weight <175g

DALSA Falcon VGA300 HG Datasheet




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