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CamRecord 5000
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The Optronis CamRecord 5000 is a high-speed, high-sensitivity stand-alone CMOS camera for capturing fast events which are too fast to see with the human eye. It is suited to analysing fast processes in the factory environment for diagnostics or improvements, for ballistics, wavefront analysis, Biomechanics and Sports analysis, defence applications, crash testing and destructive testing and many other applications.

The 512x512 pixel sensor is capable of speeds of 5000 frames per second at full resolution and up to 320,000fps at reduced resolution. The CamRecord5000 features 16um x 16um pixel area which offers increased light sensitivity for very high speed motion freeze at shutter speeds down to 1usec. It offers excellent sensitivity and low noise images. It also offers a PIV feature with 100nsec interframe time.

The CamRecord5000 does not require a computer attached to capture high speed image sequences. On-board memory that is configurable at the time of purchase, stores captured sequences until they are downloaded to a PC or laptop. The CamRecord 5000 is available in both monochrome (8-bit) and colour (24-bit) models.

The CamRecord 5000 directly exports sequences to BMP, TIFF, RAW, AVI (compressed and uncompressed), DivX, MPEG and other file formats. The standardized Gigabit Ethernet interface ensures high bandwidth (1000 Mbps); uncompromised data transfer up to 100 meter cable lengths; easy connectivity to a notebook or desktop PC without any additional hardware.

The high-quality aluminium housing makes the system ready for rugged working environment. It is small and mobile but can also be fitted in a static application. It is supplied standard with a C-mount for lens attachment and has an optional F-mount.

The CamRecord 5000 features advanced trigger options such as internal, external and automatic image trigger. It supports up to 4GB ring memory with free adjustable pre- and post-trigger options.

The CamRecord 5000 is very user friendly and can be used without a great deal of training. Camera control is provided by the supplied CamControl software which runs in Windows. Also supplied with the camera is an SDK for developing and interfacing custom applications and a Labview driver.

Model CamRecord 5000
Resolution 512x512
Sensor CMOS
Format 8 bit Mono / Bayer RGB Colour
Pixel Size 16.0 x 16.0µm
Video Output Gigabit Ethernet
Max. Line/Frame Rate 5000 fps
Memory Up to 4GB
Mount C-Mount, Nikon-F (optional)
Shutter Speed min. 1µsec
Active Area 8.19 x 8.19mm
Operating Temp +0 °C to +40 °C
Power 50-60Hz / 110-240V
Dimensions 250 x 100 x 131.5mm
Weight 1.7kg

Optronis CamRecord 5000 High Speed Camera Datasheet




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