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The VCSBC4018 is one of the fastest Smart Cameras on the market - designed for demanding OEM applications. The computational power of 3200 MIPS on a 60 by 80mm circuit board is equal to a 2.6 GHZ Pentium PC. The VCSBC4018 includes 16 MB DRAM and a 2 MB Flash EPROM for non-volatile program and data storage. The VCSBC4018 can acquire full frame VGA images at 32 frames per second (progressive scan).

Like with all VC Smart Cameras with Texas Instruments DSP, the operation system VCRT allows multi- tasking. This means for instance that user interface commands can execute in parallel without stopping the inspection process. It is also possible to transfer live images via TCP/IP using a background task.

Whereas a standard progressive scan camera gets a trigger, starts exposure and then reads out the pixel data, the VCSBC4018 has optimized the image acquisition process so that exposure, image transfer into memory and image processing can be done in parallel. This means if exposure time and image processing time is not longer than the transfer time of around 31msec, the full frame rate can be maintained.

Model VC-SBC4018
Resolution 640 x 480
CCD Sensor 1/3"Sony ICX424AL
Shutter 3.3µs .. 2s
Integration Full Frame Progressive Scan
Pixel Size 7.4 x 7.4µm
Memory 16 Mbytes SDRAM
Processor Texas Instruments TMS320C64XX signal processor 400 MHz, 3200MIPS
Process interface 2 inputs / 4 outputs, outputs 4x400 mA
Ethernet 100 Mbit
Serial Interface RS232 up to 115200 Baud max.
Video Output only by JPEG Transfer via serial interface
Power 12-24V (min 9V, max 30V) unregulated, DC, max. 400mA
Dimensions 81 x 60 x 35 mm

Vision Components VC-SBC4018 Camera Datasheet




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