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Phantom v7.3
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Maximising speed without compromising sensitivity
PHANTOM v7.3: Our most popular camera, high speed and high sensitivity for more demanding applications.

Enhanced with many attractive and powerful features, the Phantom v7.3 includes a new turbo mode to increase recording speeds for selected windowed resolutions to as high as 500,000 pictures per second with 1 µsecond exposure time. Even at full resolution (800 x 600), the camera provides an exceptional recording rate of 6,688 frames-per-second. Switching to standard mode results in over 190 000 fps, while in turbo mode, 500 000 fps are possible at a reduced resolution.

A selection of the Phantom v7.3's impressive features include:
Shutter control  
An extremely fast shutter controls image blur. Provided are continuously-adjustable shutter speeds down to 1 µsec (1/1,000,000 second). This shutter is a true "snap shot," or "global" shutter, functioning at the pixel level, and the sensors are sensitive enough to take advantage of the camera's high speed capabilities.
Aspect ratio

Full frame 4:3 aspect ratio CMOS sensor composed of 800 x 600 pixels
22 micron pixel for super sensitivity
Image depth  
The monochrome Phantom v7.3 provides 14-bit image depth for extended gray scale image quality and light sensitivity. The colour camera allows the choice of between 24-, 36-, or 48-bit images.
EDR facility  
Extreme Dynamic Range Exposure within a single frame, is a very useful feature when the subject of interest contains very bright areas as well as darker areas and both must be exposed properly throughout the cine recording.
Continuous data streaming  
The camera can be supplied with an option to stream real-time image data (8-bits: up to 2000 fps and 12-bit: 1300 fps) to Phantom's external storage device.
2 Gigabytes integral image memory records 4,266 images for 0.6 seconds of continuous recording at 6,688 fps, full format (8-bits) or 2,133 images for 0.3 seconds of continuous recording at 6,688 fps, full format (14-bits). Optional - 4 GB integral image memory. Also optional is 24 GB non-volatile flash memory.
Automated capture  
Automated multiple session recording for remote, unattended operation

Available in monochrome and colour versions


Model Phantom v7.3
Resolution 800 x 600 - 8bit, 10bit, 12bit, 14bit
Sensor CMOS
Video Output Video, HD-SDI, GigE
Max. Frame Rate 6,688 fps (full resolution) up to 500,000 (@ 32x8 pixels)
Memory 2GB - 32GB
Mount Type Nikon mount standard
Operating Temp 10 °C – +50 °C

Vision Research Phantom v7.3 Camera Datasheet




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