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High performance 64-bit LVDS frame grabber
The X64-LVDS is a high performance image acquisition board for parallel output digital area and linescan cameras compatible with the LVDS (EIA-644) and RS-422 standards. Universal PCI slot compliant (32/64-bit 33/66MHz 3.3/5V), the X64-LVDS supports multiple tap area scan and linescan monochrome and RGB cameras.

In addition to supporting infinite vertical length frames from a linescan camera, the X64-LVDS also supports fixed and variable size frames ranging up to 256KB horizontal pixels per line and up to 16 million vertical lines per frame for area scan cameras.

Precise timing controls allow frame size adjustments in steps of eight pixels/step for horizontal lines and in steps of one line/step vertically.

Up to 32MB of local buffer memory facilitates concurrent transfer operations at different rates yielding optimal utilization of system bandwidth.

Camera Support
The X64-LVDS is compatible with 8, 10, 12-bit LVDS (EIA-644) and RS422 digital area or linescan monochrome or RGB cameras and supports up to 8-taps of 8-bits each. The X64-LVDS also supports on-the-fly tap correction to facilitate image processing and analysis.

General-purpose I/O
The X64-LVDS offers optional opto-coupled input modules for demanding industrial environments. These interrupt-driven, general-purpose input and output controls allow X64-LVDS boards to react to external inputs more rapidly and predictably to increase the quality of acquired images.

Serial Communications Port
The X64-LVDS features an onboard RS-232 serial port that provides integrated support for camera control and setup for machine vision applications. PC-independent in nature, this communication port can be used with off-the-shelf communication utilities such as HyperTerminal to control and configure digital cameras with ease and without requiring additional external cabling.

Software Support
The X64-LVDS is fully supported by DALSA’s SaperaTM LT software development libraries enabling applications to be developed under Windows NT®, Windows®2000, and Windows®XP. Sapera LT allows users to develop applications with C language DLLs, C++® classes or Active X®controls for Microsoft®Visual C/C++®6.0 (or higher) or Visual Basic®6.0 (or higher) development platforms.

Sapera LT (ver. 5.0) comes bundled with DALSA’s advanced CamExpert, a proprietary camera configuration utility specifically designed to leverage the power of DALSA’s image acquisition boards.

Summary of Key Features    
• Single slot solution for up to 8 taps • FPGA-based processing inc Bayer decoding and shading correction • Pixel clock up to 75 MHz
• Legacy support for area and line scan, monochrome and RGB digital cameras • Trigger-to-Image Reliability ensures secure image capture  
• Image acquisition rates up to 680MB/s; image transfer to host memory at 528MB/s • Acquires images from 8, 10, 12 bit LVDS or RS-422 format digital cameras  

Specifications Product ID: OR-64L0-00080  
Camera Format LVDS / RS422
Pixel Clock Up to 75 MHz
Bits/Pixel up to 16
Camera taps up to 8 taps/8-bit
Host bus PCI-64/PCI-X 66
Frame buffer 32 MB
Advance features ILUTS, Flat field, Flat line, Dead pixel
Software Sapera LT, IFC (32-bit)

X64-LVDS Data Sheet


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