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The Falcon series of frame grabbers are one of the most popular selling boards worldwide for professional applications. The unique software interface grants you a lot more possible fields of application than other boards would allow. And thanks to many example applications in the source code you can integrate the boards very easily into your present software. FALCON-frame grabber boards are functioning with all applications that work with standard video signals: from industrial automation over medical technology up to safety engineering - from dactylogram systems and face recognition to building management systems, ultrasonic, microscoping and X-raying of all kinds.


  • 1 x SVHS-Video Input, 2 x CVBS-Video Inputs
  • Image Resolution 768 x 576 pixels
  • Overlay Function via DirectDraw
  • Multiple Board Operation
  • Real Time Hardware Scaling x- and y-Direction, Interpolated
  • EEPROM to which data may be written (can be used as dongle)
  • Software Development Kit for Windows 95/98, NT 4.0, Windows ME, W2K, XP and LINUX
  • General purpose I/O (TTL) ­ Four, two-in and two-out
  • General purpose RS422 outputs ­ Three, for camera control
  • Input look up tables (LUTs) ­ 4x8:8 or 2x16:16, facilitates on-the-fly gamma correction, contrast, brightness, etc.
  • On-the-fly hardware pixel reordering for multi-channel cameras ­ Two channel cameras: alternate pixels, alternate lines, alternate half-lines with normal/reverse scan; four channel cameras: alternate 1 / 4 lines with normal/reverse scan and quadrants with normal and reversed scans
  • Software image cropping ­ Select region of interest, provides lower bandwidth
  • Optional interface cable ­ Supplied for popular cameras
  • Optional cable kit ­ Unsoldered connections on one end for other cameras
  • User connector ­ Facilitates easy interface of strobes and triggers to external equipment
  • Camera configuration application ­ Easy-to-use window for entering data for specific camera configuration. Available for Win 95 / 98 / ME / NT / 2000 only
  • Optional software protection
  • FCC(A) and CE approved
  • Compatible with:CVB, Halcon, ActiVision Tools and Xcaliper



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