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What is LightBridge and Thunderbolt Technology?

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Silicon Software's LightBridge innovation breaks the tradition of using internal framegrabbers to capture images.

Housed in a compact shell, LightBridge VCL is a fanless external image processing device that allows real-time mobile acquisition, via PCI-Express, connected to a host-PC by Thunderbolt™ technology.

What is Thunderbolt?
Based on PCle, Thunderbold is recognised by the PC system as an expansion of the mainboard bus which means that no driver is required, nor is there any other overhead. Being totally compatable with an internal frame grabber, Thunderbolt provides the robustness of PCle technology and requires none of the extra cost of software modifications. Thunderbold can transmit both electrical and optical data.

Currently, two versions of Thunderbolt technology are available, LightBridge adopting the version that provides sufficient bandwidth for CameraLink. Coming soon, will be versions that support faster standards.

LightBridge has two Thunderbolt connections enabling in-line curcuits with up to 6 terminal devices making it possible to add more cameras to the vision system keeping in mind the capacity of the Thunderbolt bandwidth.


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