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High power, high speed laser light | Cavitar
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CAVILUX HF: High-frequency model providing more opportunities for high-speed cameras.
Compatible with many high-speed cameras, the CAVILUX HF is a powerful, high-frequency, pulsed diode laser light source specifically manufactured for high-speed applications and designed for further boosting the performance of high-speed cameras.

Special features
Due to its ability to see through heat and ultra-brightness, the HF light source is especially suitable for studying high-temperature processes, such as welding and soldering. Further, it has the ability to generate pulses or light-pulse patterns at high or ultra-high speed. Patterns of five pulses can be generated at up to 40 kHz, while pulse rates inside a pulse patter can be as high at 5 Mhz.

All features are controlled with CAVILUX Control software.

Additional features
** the best possible image is ensured due to being both monochromatic and low in coherence (no speckle or chromatic aberrations)
** high flexibility is provided by changeable illumination optics that work in limited spaces and over long working distances
** available at 810 nm wave lengths
** possible to generate 2 µs light pulses at 10 kHz frequency or 100 ns light pulses at 200 kHz frequency
** one control unit can drive 12 - 4 laser units (including other CAVILUX light sources) and synchronise 1 -4 cameras

The possible applications for use in the scientific and industrial R&D include high speed imaging of welding, collisions, and ballistics. It is especially suited to illuminating processes involving small and/or fast objects.

Laser Units
Output power 500 W in a typical configuration
Wavelength 810 nm (near-IR)
Pulse Generation  
Generation of any pulse pattern within the limits of
- pulse durations 100 ns ... 10 µs
- duty cycle 2% for max 10 s
- generation of single pulses or bursts of pulses (max 5) at high repetition rate with adjustable delay
- practical repetition rate up to a few hundred kHz
Fibre optic illumination
- direct illumination from fibre optics (eg Schlieren imaging)
- adjustable illumination with lens (standard solution)
- uniform black illumination ( eg shadow imaging)
- line profile illumination ( eg PIV)
- coaxial illumination ( pressurized processes)

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