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RC series LED lighting controllers
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For users needing precise control of their machine vision LED lighting, the RC single-channel controller series uses Gardasoft's SafePower and SafeSense patented technology (see below) to deliver the power regulation, intensity control, timing and triggering functions required for the highest-performance machine vision systems.

The RC series have the flexibility to operate in either continuous or strobe modes. In continuous mode, a highly-stable and accurate constant current of up to 1.2A is provided. In pulse mode, high-current pulsing to 2A is possible with up to 10X safe-overdriving capacity.

The units have a maximum power rating of 25W, the SafePower technology providing much greater flexibility in the DC power supply used with the advantages being that no heat-sinking is required and the output voltage not being limited to the supply voltage.

The RC Series models can be quickly configured using Gardasoft's free-of-charge, downloadable software; or for the Ethernet-enabled RC120 controller, accessing the controller can be made via internet browser by typing the IP address for the controller into the browser to be allowed access to all of the parameters. If third-party software is preferred, the RC range has a simple command set that allows easy communication. As with all Gardasoft products, all the settings are stored in non-volatile memory, and it will retain these settings even when the Ethernet connection is disconnected.

What is SafeSense and SafePower technology?
To get the most benefit from lighting in terms of brightness, stability and control, lighting should be driven from a current source and not from a nominal voltage supply.

When it comes to universal control of lighting, it is important to know the current rating of the light that is being driven. With inherent SafeSense technology, an RC Series controller can detect the current rating of a light to be controlled so it can set safe overdriving pulse width and duty cycle limits. So, using the SafeSense™, the RC range allows the overdriving of the LED lights safe in the knowledge that they will be protected from damage. The RC Series will protect the lights ensuring that the high current pulses are regulated in terms of pulse width timing and frequency, the end result being the provision of the maximum light possible for the application.

SafePower™ allows overdriving of lights without having to increase the input power supply voltage - making implementation and system integration more simple. Implementing SafePower technology is easy and removes the need for having to use a bespoke DC power supply or heat sinking the controller.

Key features and benefits

Unique flexibility with SafePower™
Single channel LED controller with SafePower™ which allows much greater flexibility in the DC power supply used. The advantages of SafePower™ are that thermal dissipation is minimised and the output voltage is not limited to the supply voltage.
No Heat-sinking required  
SafePower™ supply removes the need to mount the controller onto a heat-sink, making the installation process much simpler and easier. SafePower™ automatically minimises the heat generated for continuous, pulsed and switched operation.
Voltage Step-up  
SafePower™ removes the usual restriction on the output voltage. It will step-up the output voltage as needed to drive or Overdrive the lighting, up to a limit of 32V and works automatically without needing any configuration or user input. For example, the RC range can run from 24VDC, regardless of the lighting connected, heat generation or Overdriving required.
Extra LED Brightness  
Patented SafeSense™ technology creates a safe working environment for overdriving LED lights. Driving the LEDs with a highly accurate current source allows for very precise Overdriving, and SafeSense™ ensures that the pulse width and duty cycle are kept within safe working limits. The end result is that much more light is gained from the LED lighting for your machine vision application.
Miniature Web Server  
The Ethernet option within RC controllers enables the devices to act as a miniature Web Server and can be controlled by image processing software on a remote PC. With the introduction of GigE cameras, the Machine Vision market is moving towards Ethernet - with the inherent Ethernet advantages of high speed, long distance, standardisation worldwide, and inexpensive implementation.
Flexible operation
Three modes of operation are provided for each model of the
RC Series: Continuous: Output is a continuous current. Pulsed: Output is pulsed once per trigger. Switch: Output is toggled on or off upon each trigger
Two ways to configure
RC products can be configured by either Ethernet or push-button interface, depending on model type. With the Ethernet options, a web browser can be used to access the RC Series internal Web pages allowing status to be viewed and parameters to be changed. The Ethernet version of the RC Series can also be configured using simple string commands sent from an application program using TCP/IP or UDP. The configuration is stored in non-volatile memory providing turn-key operation.


RC 100
RC 120
Why use LED Controllers?
User interface
Ethernet and Push-button
Output channel
One constant current output with SafeSense™
Output current
Up to 1.0A continuous or 1.0A pulsed
Up to 1.2A continuous or 2.0A pulsed
Output power
Max 25W
Trigger input Smart input compatible with 3V-24V, TTL, NPN, and PNP. Input impedance (nominal): 50kohm  
Pulse timing
From 100µs to 100ms in steps of 100µs
Trigger-to-pulse delay
From 2µs to 100ms in steps of 100µs
Switch mode latency
Maximum 100µs
Trigger rate
Maximum 100Hz
Output voltage
0V to 32V
Supply voltage
Regulated 24V ±10%. A SELV power supply is required
101mm long by 35mm wide by 120mm high (excluding DIN fixing)
DIN rail mount as standard
Operating temp
5 to 50°C
Up to 95% non-condensing

RC series datasheet




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