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TR/RC series Triniti-enabled LED lighting controllers
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Triniti is a new enabling innovation from Gardasoft that provides control, operational performance data and full networking of LED lighting for machine vision systems.

Communicating via an API, the Triniti chip is built into the light or cable and automatically sends information about the drive profile and the load of the light to the controller so that the user doesn't have to enter any of the data.

This provides maximum efficiency in that the light is driven properly and so eliminates the chance of errors. When one variable is adjusted, the others automatically adapt to produce the best performance for the light. To build this facility in a simple user interface is a major innovation which eliminates the need for the hand-coding that was necessary in traditional lighting setups.

Easy to implement
Providing expert control and easy use via "plug-&-play" technology, Gardasoft's Triniti controller chip makes complex lighting-control techniques easy to implement even for non-expert users. Consisting of three key components, the light and controller communicate with each other through Gardasoft's LED light controller technology and the Triniti chip.

Easy to use
The Triniti system makes machine vision techniques easier to use. One example of this is the Triniti Vision Utility, which enables the user to set up the timing for a whole machine vision system, with cameras and strobe-mode lighting, all from one place (strobe-mode being very useful for increasing the lifetime of lighting and providing increased light output).

The Triniti chip has been adopted by several leading Machine Vision lighting manufacturers, one of which is CCS Lighting, and Gardsoft's TR Series LED Controllers are a core component of a Triniti Intelligent Lighting system

Triniti provides:
• An API for major processing packages
• The means of identifying lighting and reading their operational data via a Triniti chip mounted in either the light or the cable
• Lighting control via Gardasoft's LED lighting controller which is incorporated into the heart of the Triniti system


Triniti-enabled LED lights, seamlessly integrated into machine vision networks, are much easier to configure and deploy while at the same time, provide diagnostic benefits and offering increased functionality
• Enables non-expert users to use expert Machine Vision lighting techniques. By integrating camera and lighting configuration control at the application level, the operation of the system as a complete unit is more visible.
• Revolutionizes integration of lighting parameters right through to application level software
• Addresses the growing demand for ‘plug & play’ functionality
• Timing of the trigger source, camera exposure time and lighting pulses are shown on-screen making both development and diagnostics more easy
• Provides a stability of brightness, long-term, that helps to enhance the reliability of Machine Vision systems, over many years
• Exploits standard Machine Vision networking and communication architectures such as GigE Vision and GenICam, in order to ensure that the resulting solutions are fully integrated
Key features
• 1, 2 and 4 channel LED lighting controllers • Compatible with triniti Intelligent Lighting platform • GigE Vision compliant
• Pulsing up to 20A
• Continuous output to 3.0A • 30W maximum output per channel
• Pulse timing to 20µs • Ethernet and Push-button interfaces (dependent on model)  

User interface
Ethernet and Push-button
Output channel
One constant current output
Two independent constant current outputs
Four independent constant current outputs
Output current
Up to 1.2A continuous or 2.0A pulsed
Up to 1.2A continuous or 10.0A pulsed
Up to 3.0A per channel continuous or 20A pulsed
Output power
Max 25W
Max 35W
Max 40W per unit
Max 50W per unit
Trigger input
1 Smart input compatible with 3V-24V, TTL, NPN & PNP. Input impedance (nom): 8Kohm
Two opto-isolated digital inputs. Require 3V-24V operation
Four opto-isolated digital inputs. Require 3V-24V operation
Pulse timing
From 100ms to 100ms in steps of 100µs
From 20µs to 999ms in steps of 20/100µs
Delay - trigger to pulse
From 2ms to 100ms in steps of 100µs
Timing repeatability - delay
±5µs (Delay + Pulse up to 60ms); Otherwise ±50µs
Timing repeatability - pulse width
±0.1µs (Delay + Pulse up to 0.5ms)
±5µs (Delay + Pulse from >0.5ms to 60ms); Otherwise ±50µs
Switch mode latency
Maximum 100µs
Maximum 120µs
Trigger rate
Maximum 100Hz
Maximum 1\Khz
Output voltage
0V to 24V
0V to 48V
0V to 60V
Communications interface
GigE Vision V2.0, GenICam, UDP/TCP, Third party protocols
Supply voltage
Regulated 24VDC±10%. A SELV power supply is required
Regulated 24V to 48V. A SELV power supply is required.
101mm long x 35mm wide
x 120mm high
101mm long x 60mm wide
x 120mm high
112mm long x 97mm wide
x 62mm high
159mm long x 97mm wide
x 62mm high

TR/RC series data sheet

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