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16K linescan camera - Impressive addition Linea ML family

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Teledyne Dalsa unveil Linea ML CLHS 16k linescan camera with fibre optic interface



Teledyne Dalsa have announced the release of their Linea ML 16k Monochrome and Colour Linescan Cameras with Camera Link HS (CLHS) fibre optic interface. The new Linea ML 16k models use the same Teledyne DALSA multiline CMOS sensors as other ML models and support a max line rate of 300 kHz.

The new 16K models offer lower system costs by using industry standard fibre optic cables with LC-connectors. The ability to transmit across longer fibre cable lengths also reduces costs by eliminating the need for repeaters. Furthermore, the immunity of fiber optics to electromagnetic radiation in harsh industrial environments significantly improves reliability of high-speed data transmission.

The 16K model release builds on Teledyne Dalsa's award winning Linea ML family. The ML range leverages Teledyne Dalsa's leading CMOS sensor technology with affordable multi-line architecture. The flexibility of this unique multi-line sensor architecture gives users access to powerful inspection techniques unavailable in competitive brands including mono/HDR (high dynamic range), multiline high fidelity colour, multispectral and multi-field imaging. The Linea ML will expand your existing vision capabilities.

The 16K Linea ML is Teledyne Dalsa's first camera using a native CLHS fiber optic interface. Along with the benefits of fibre the ML gives you enhanced sensitivity, increased line rates (up to 300 kHz) and lower noise.


Benefits of fibre optic cabling

Increased Bandwidth








Telecommunications and internet traffic depend on fiber optics to carry tremendous bandwidth. In fact, optical fibre cabling can carry double the bandwidth that is provided by copper.

The same industrial conditions faced by copper cabling can easily be withstood by Fibre cabling. Fibre can comfortably withstand crumpling, vibrations, shock, wrapping and bending.

Fibre optic cabling is not as fragile as once before. In this case fibre cabling is bent, stapled, scrunched all whilst only conceding -0.04dB on the power meter.



Easily Integrated








Modern cable systems are readily field installable and field-modifiable. You can cut, slice and slash, easily pull through long conduits and install connectors in mere minutes.


The widespread growth of fibre for computer networks has brought an appealing pricepoint for fibre cabling. Today, Fibre cabling can cost less than copper wire.

Linea ML is Dalsa's first camera with native fiber optics, which lets you take advantage of low-cost fibre for long cables and immunity to electrical interference.


Distance Capability


Time is now




Telecommunications and internet traffic depend on fiber optics to cross countries and continents - up to thousands of kilometers. Few machine vision applications require that distance, but optical fibre cabling certainly opens the door to inspection systems that have traditionally been limited to cable lengths that max out at several feet. Relevant to machine vision:

- Camera Link, standard copper: up to 10 m
- Camera Link HS CX4 copper: up to 15 m
- Camera Link HS CX4 Active Optical Cable (fibre): up to 100 m
- SFP+ fiber cables: up to 20,000 m


- Many camera and frame grabber manufacturers and suppliers (including Teledyne DALSA and Adept Turnkey) already offer low cost direct to fiber interfaces. Furthermore, Adept Turnkey facilitates the relevent expertise in the area to service your fibre cabled system.



  Pair with Xtium2 Frame Grabber for higher frame rates  


The Xtium2-CLHS Frame Grabber features Teledynes Dalsa's DataTransfer Engine (DTE) and host based driver to deliver maximum bandwidth without the need for specialized computer motherboards or chipsets. By enabling maximum sustained throughput and ready to use image data, the Xtium2-CLHS FX8 minimizes CPU usage and improves processing times for host applications.

In addition, the Xtium2 series features enhanced memory bandwidth to meet the ever-increasing image resolution and faster frame rates of today’s camera technology. They feature host transfers of up to 6.8GB/sec and are compatible with Microsoft Windows 7&10 (32/64-bit), WOW64 and Linux.

The Xtium2 series leverages the PCIe Gen3 x8 platform to deliver high speed image transfers to host memory without CPU overhead. Featuring Camera Link HS® interface standards, supports Active Optic Cable and SFP+ modules, CoaXpress® 12, and Camera Link.






  Sapera LT    


Sapera LT is an image acquisition control software development toolkit for Teledyne Dalsa's cameras and frame grabbers. Hardware independent, Sapera offers a rich development system for machine vision OEMs and system integrators. Sapera supports image acquisition from cameras and frame grabbers based on standards including GigE Vision, CameraLink, and CameraLink HS.





Linea ML Color 8k Fiber 280 kHz Linea ML Colour 16k 300 kHz Linea ML Trilinear Color 16k 141 kHz Linea ML Mono 8k Fiber 280 kHz Linea ML Mono 16k 300 kHz Linea ML Mono 16k Fiber 143 kHz
ML-FC08K10T-00-R ML-HC-16K10T-00-R ML-FC-16K04T-00-R ML-FM-08K30H-00-R ML-HM-16K30H-00-R ML-FM-16K15A-00-R
8,192 x 3 pixels 16,384 x 3 pixels 16384 x 3 8192 x 4 16384 x 3 16384 x 3
Max Line Rate
280 kHz 300 kHz 141 kHz 280 kHz 300 kHz 143 kHz
Pixel Size
5 x 5 µm
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