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Long term recording with extreme high speeds in machine vision applications

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Phantom S710 streaming camera by Vision Research


Delivering up to 7 Gigapixel per sec (87.5 Gbps) of data throughput for Machine Vision applications that require high speed long term recording. The Phantom S710 runs at a full resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels at 7,275 fps. By reducing its resolution it can run at frame rates over 700,000 fps. The Phantom S710 can also be used for real time machine vision where images are processed in time for machine control. This could include grading, sorting, high speed manufacturing and other time critical applications.

The Phantom S710 is modeled on the VEO710 camera and uses the same CMOS sensor. With a 20um pixel size, the S710 offers a monochrome ISO rating of 6400 (D) and a colour rating of 2000 (D). The camera outputs 12-bits with a high dynamic range of 59.6dB and a low noise level of 29.0 electrons. Minimum exposure can be as low as 1ms, and even down to 300ns with the export-controlled FAST option.

The Phantom S710 brings the incredibly high frame rates that customers need for a wide variety of applications, from cutting edge scientific research to cytometry applications. Furthermore, a considerably low exposure time results in the reduction of motion blur that tends to plague many of these applications.

Senior Product Manager for Phantom Machine Vision cameras Dan Hafen said that until the release of the Phantom S710, applications that required the sensor’s capabilities had to work in the confines of the VEO710’s memory, limiting recording times. The S710’s streaming architecture allows continuous data flow for unlimited processing and recording, bringing truly new capability to Machine Vision applications.

The S710 interfaces using 16 coaxpress (CXP 6) channels provided in banks of 4 channels each. A compatible Frame Grabber needs to be installed in the computer. Please talk to Adept Turnkey about suitable models.

Phantom high-speed camera features such as GPIO for trigger, event, memgate, strobe, and ready signals allow the camera to capture images as needed over both short- and long-term recording durations. Time code in/out stamping is available directly on image frames to provide accurate and reliable date during machine analysis.




Typical Applications

- Grading
- Sorting
- General purpose machine vision
- Scientific research
- Cytometry applications
- Digital Image Correlation

Key Features
- 1 Mpx sensor with 20 µm pixels
- Data streams in up to 2 Gpx/sec, 4 Gpx/sec, 7 Gpx/sec
- Streams into either 4-port or 8-port Frame Grabbers
- Record to DVR for long record time applications
- Mechanical Shutter for remote black reference
- GPIO for trigger and signaling
- Data conservation through reduced resolutions and 8-bit selection


Quick Specifications
1280 x 800
Sensor Type
CMOS Colour or Mono
Sensor Size
25.6 x 16 mm
Pixel sixe
20 µm
Frame rate
7,275 fps @ 8bit, 5,780 fps @ 12-bit
701,030 FPS
Dynamic range
59.6 dB
Need a price or more application information? Please email Adept Turnkey or call our offices  



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