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Phantom T1340 high speed camera for motion analysis applications

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Phantom T1340 high speed camera for motion analysis

The Phantom T1340 is a robust high speed camera that offers impressive performance in a compact housing design. The Phantom T1340 is the first model in the "T" family of premium high speed cameras and captures at 13 Gigapixel/sec.

Vision Research have used a custom 4MP sensor that incorporates CDS (Correlated Double Sampling) for excellent image quality and low read noise, to ensure data accuracy. The specifications for this camera make it suitable for motion analysis applications that require precise data such as high-speed digital imaging correlation (DIC), particle image velocimetry (PIV), stress and strain analysis and more.

Leveraging Phantom’s award-winning technology and loaded with a variety of features that increase workflow flexibility, the Phantom T1340 captures 3,270 fps images at full resolution. If the resolution is reduced this camera can run at up to 113,510 fps.

The Phantom T1340 is designed to produce high-quality images within a fast, reliable and efficient workflow. It offers higher throughputs, the option of faster downloads and larger RAM memory. The camera is also compatible with CineMagV storage for fast efficient workflow when onsite. The CineMagV, the camera's compact form factor, on-camera controls, video outputs and battery back-up make the Phantom T1340 well-suited to standalone operation with no need for a computer. To offload data rapidly from the camera's RAM and CineMagV storage Vision Research have incorporated a 10Gb Ethernet to further accelerate workflow.

The Phantom T1340 offers a quiet mode which eliminates vibration. This is especially suited to microscopy and 3D measurement applications.




Typical Applications
- Defense & Range customers – Tracking mounts, Launch events
- Industrial – Impact testing, (Compact housing and 4MP, square low-noise sensor great for PIV & DIC applications)
- Academia – Microscopy, Schlieren, Transparent Flows, Droplet Studies

- Cytometry applications
- Digital Image Correlation (DIC)
- Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV)
- Stress and strain analysis

Key Features
- Compatible with CineMagV
- For resolutions 1024 x 976 and below, binning mode provides frame rate and sensitivity boost
- SDI and HDMI video outputs
- Programmable I/O - assign and define camera signals
- 10Gb Ethernet Option

What's in the box?
- Power supply with XLR extender
- Ethernet Cable
- Mini-SDI video cable
- Printed manual
- Phantom PCC software


Quick Specifications
Frame rate
3,270 (full resolution)
2048 x 1952
Pixel Size
13.5 µm Standard, 27 µm Binned
Gigabit Standard, 10Gb Optional


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