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Allied Vision Manta G: 4th generation Sony Pregius CMOS Sensors

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Manta GigE Vision Cameras by Allied Vision

Allied Vision’s new Manta cameras feature backside illuminated Sony Pregius S CMOS sensors with a smaller pixel size. Designed for your high-resolution imaging system, these Manta cameras deliver resolutions up to 24.6 MP.

The new CMOS models offer several advantages over existing high-resolution CCD and CMOS cameras, including: high quantum efficiency, dynamic range, and spatial resolution as well as lower readout noise resulting in outstanding imaging performance.

A wide angle of incidence improves light collection which creates excellent images even in light-starved conditions.

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• Industrial inspection including mobile display inspection, AR/VR display measurement, surface inspection, semiconductor packaging inspection, print inspection, 2D/3D metrology, laser beam profiling, and automated optical inspection (AOI)
• Digital archiving of documents and and films
• Medical and life sciences applications including lab and biomedical imaging, pharma and cosmetic inspection, track and trace applications
• Security and surveillance, aerial imaging, and remote sensing
Key Features
• Power over Ethernet (PoE, optional)
• Various filter options
• Board-level and angular housing options
• Very short minimum exposure time (4 ìs)
• Decimation X/Y and binning
• Look-up table, colour and gamma correction
• IEEE 1588 Precision Time Protocol (PTP)
• Trigger over Ethernet (ToE) via Action Commands
Quick Specifications Manta G-2460 Manta G-2040 Manta G-1620
Sensor Sony IMX540 Sony IMX541 Sony IMX542
Frame Rate 4.9 5.9 7.4
Resolution 24.6 MP, 5328 x 4608 20.4 MP, 4512 x 4512 16.2 MP, 5328 x 3040

Need a price or more application information? Please email Adept Turnkey or call our offices
Adept Turnkey Pty Ltd are "The Machine Vision and Imaging Specialists" and distributor of Allied Vision products in Australia and New Zealand. To find out more about any Allied Vision product, please call Adept Turnkey at Perth (08) 9242 5411 / Sydney (02) 9905 5551 / Melbourne (03) 9384 1775 or contact us online.





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