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Alvium 1800-U with 4th generation Sony IMX sensors by Allied Vision

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Alvium 1800 USB cameras with Sony IMX Gen4 sensors

The new Alvium 1800 models featuring a Sony IMX Gen4 sensor, are suited to a wide range of embedded and industrial vision applications that require high resolution on a compact sensor with high imaging performance.

The 3 new Alvium models range from 16.2 Mega-Pixels to 24.6 Mega-Pixels. Each of these models are available in colour and monochrome and is available in either bare board, open frame housing or closed housing.

The new CMOS models offer several advantages over existing high-resolution CCD and CMOS cameras, including: high quantum efficiency, dynamic range, and spatial resolution as well as lower readout noise resulting in outstanding imaging performance.

Sony IMX Gen4 sensors are backside illuminated. Backside illuminated sensors have the metal parts (which in a traditional sensor interfere with incident light to the photodiode) located at the back of the sensor. Sony do this by reversing the sensor and thinning the back substrate and so allow light to effectively enter the pixels from the back of the sensor. This allows these sensors to produce clear, high quality images with higher imaging performance than what was previously possible. Backside Illuminated Sensors (BSI) are not a new technology but Sony have been able to develop methods to manufacture them at cost effective prices for the industrial market. In essence BSI in Gen4 sensors allows for the same imaging performance as their Gen3 sensor but in a smaller pixel. This higher pixel density provides higher resolution in a sensor of the same size, so reducing the cost of optics while producing better images in low light and with high dynamic range in well-lit conditions.

The key technology that give the Alvium the advantage over competitive products is that at the heart of the cameras series is a customised ASIC designed by Allied Vision. The Alvium 1800 models posess the ability to perform preprocessing and image correction tasks onboard, meaning the workload on the host processor is significantly reduced. On top of this, the Alvium System-on-Chip sensor's interface offers exceptional scalability and is designed to support all current and future sensors from leading sensor manufacturers. This makes them future-proof. In addition, the Alvium 1800 offers impressive power efficiency, a stark contrast to typical FPGA (Field-programmable gate array) cameras used in machine vision.

All in a neat and ultra compact design, the Alvium 1800 camera series will save you time, power, cost and much needed resources.

Allied Vision also have an Alvium 1800-C family. The key difference between the 1800-C and 1800-U cameras is their video interface. The 1800-C features a MIPI-CSI-2 interface and Direct Register Access, perfect for embedded vision applications. Whereas the 1800-U cameras offer a USB3 Vision interface that makes them suited to a broader spectrum of applications including both machine vision and embedded vision applications.

If you are interested to learn more about the Alvium "1800-U" series, including why they might be appropriate for your system, contact us at Adept Turnkey and we'll be happy to help.

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- Benefits of the Alvium 1800 USB Cameras -
Compact and Robust
Power Savings
Resource Savings
Ultra compact single board design with all electronic components; 13 x 26 x 26 mm board.

Easy hardware integration with various lens mount options.
Choice of sensors from 0.4 MP to 24.6 MP
• Monochrome or colour.

The Camera ensures just enough power for the features selected with unused features being shut off.

Image corrections and preprocessing tasks can be performed onboard the camera reducing the workload on the host processor.
Designer can choose to down-size the host and so reduce overall system cost.
User development is reduced by providing conditions where hardware and software are easily integrated.



Embedded Vision Systems

Medical applications


Quick Specifications Alvium "1800-U" series
Camera Model
Alvium 1800 U-1620 Alvium 1800 U-2040 Alvium 1800 U-2460
Sensor Model
Sony IMX542 Sony IMX541 Sony IMX540
Resolution; MP
5328 x 3040; 16.2 MP 4512 x 4512; 20.4 MP 5328 x 4608; 24.6 MP
Pixel Size
2.74 µm × 2.74 µm
2.74 µm × 2.74 µm 2.74 µm × 2.74 µm
Sensor Size
1.1" 1.1" 1.2"
Frame Rate
22 fps 17 fps 14 fps
USB 3 Vision

Need a price or more application information? Please email Adept Turnkey or call our offices
Adept Turnkey Pty Ltd are "The Machine Vision and Imaging Specialists" and distributor of Allied Vision products in Australia and New Zealand. To find out more about any Allied Vision product, please call Adept Turnkey at Perth (08) 9242 5411 / Sydney (02) 9905 5551 / Melbourne (03) 9384 1775 or contact us online.









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