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V4L2 Viewer for easy evaluation of Alvium CSI-2 cameras

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Allied Vision introduce V4L2 Viewer application for Alvium 1500-C and 1800-C

The Allied Vision V4L2 Viewer is a simple V4L2 Viewer application. It serves as a good starting point to evaluate Alvium CSI-2 cameras and for using as a template to create sophisticated V4L2 applications. Embedded systems with CSI-2 can be difficult to get started and this viewer simplifies the first steps. All Alvium CSI-2 cameras (1500 C and 1800 C series) are directly supported.

The V4L2 viewer connects to the camera quickly and can grab an image stream easily. Single images can also be saved to disk. The V4L2 Viewer allows users to control the camera features and make changes on demand.

The Alvium range includes the Alvium 1500 and Alvium 1800 series. The Alvium 1500 series is the perfect camera for cost-effective core functionality embedded systems. All models are equipped with a MIPI CSI-2 interface, which is particularly suitable for embedded vision applications as it can directly connect to the dedicated hardware on embedded boards.

The Alvium 1800 series is seperated by a "U" family and a "C" family. The 1800-U models are equipped with a USB3 Vision interface. The 1800-C models are equipped with MIPI CSI-2 and therefore are compatible to V4L2 Viewer Application. The 1800 series are a fully functioned camera series and can be used for both industrial embedded vision and machine vision applications. With an extended range of functions for image correction and optimization as well as various trigger modes, this camera series combines the advantages of classic industrial cameras with those of integrated sensor modules. It opens new possibilities for the user to switch from PC-based image processing applications to embedded systems.


Key features: Alvium 1500-C and Alvium 1800-C
On-board ISP functionality: Free up your embedded board for other processing tasks.
One driver fits all: Quickly integrate Alvium cameras and exchange models easily.
Intelligent power management: Design low-power or even battery-powered systems.
High bandwidth: Use the powerful MIPI CSI-2 interface with up to 4 lanes.
Image reproduction quality: Get the best out of your lens-to-sensor combination by high-precision Alvium Sensor Alignment!

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