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MatchID course to expand DIC skills to produce accurate, quantitative, validated DIC results

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MatchID DIC: 9th Course on Digital Image Correlation

This July, MatchID will hold its 9th course on Digital Image Correlation (DIC) for both industry and academia.

Specific focus will be on:
• The basic principles, unique functionalities and metrological aspects of the DIC system
• Quantitative interpretation of the results and error assessment
• Material identification using the Virtual Fields Method
• FEA module for validation of Finite Element Model
• Modal analysis for vibration
• Theoretical lectures alternated with in-depth experimental labs and data analysis
• The training will cover many applications

With a maximum attendance of 20 participants, it is crucial to get in quick or you will miss it.

After the completion of this course, the participants will have acquired a high level of skills enabling them to use the technique in an informed way and produce accurate, quantitative, validated results.

The course will be held in Ghent, Belgium from July 4 - July 8 2022.

Click here to register or contact us online for more information.

What is MatchID DIC?

The MatchID solution is a fully open and flexible engineering platform for full-field deformation measurement designed for complete engineering analysis. MatchID features advanced algorithms that generate accurate quantitative results. With a strong emphasis on documentation, user training and guidance, MatchID provides profound insights into test results.

MatchID is designed for Digital Image Correlation applications. As a measurement tool, Digital Image Correlation (DIC) is a newly accepted cutting-edge technique used in both industry and academia. DIC allows full field, contactless 3D measurement of deformations at the surface of any type of material under any arbitrary loading.

The MatchID platform can be used simply as a measurement tool, or by using the Virtual Fields Method module can be used to identify materials. Its Finite Element Analysis module also allows for validation of finite element simulations. MatchID's modular structure allows for a customized platform composition, 100% adapted to your specific application.

MatchID offers solutions in imaging techniques for strain measurement, Finite Element Analysis model validation and automated identification of materials based on their mechanical properties.

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