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HALCON Steady and Progress - Version 20.11 available November 20

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HALCON's latest features

- Improved Surface-based 3D-Matching
HALCON 20.11 offers an edge-supported surface-based 3D-matching which is significantly faster for 3D scenes containing multiple objects and edges. Additionally, the usability has been improved by removing the need to set a viewpoint.

- DotCode and Data Matrix Rectangular Extension

e data code reader in HALCON 20.11 has been extended by the new code type, DotCode. This type of 2D code is based on a matrix of dots. It can be printed very quickly and is especially suitable for high speed manufacturing lines.
Furthermore, the ECC 200 code reader now supports the Data Matrix Rectangular Extension (DMRE).

- Deep OCR

Deep OCR is an holistic deep-learning-based approach for OCR. This new technology brings machine vision one step closer to human reading. Compared to existing algorithms, Deep OCR can localize characters much more robustly, regardless of their orientation, font type and polarity. The ability to automatically group characters allows the identification of whole words. This strongly increases the recognition performance since for example, misinterpretation of characters with similar appearances can be avoided.

- Increased Shape-based Matching
In HALCON 20.11, the shape-based matching tool has been improved. This increases usability as well as the matching rate. It also increases robustness in low contrast and high noise situations.

- Changes to HDevelop
In HALCON 20.11, more options for individual viewing configurations have been implemented. The changes feature a dark mode with white text on a black background. A new modern window docking concept allows windows to be repositioned. Moreover themes are now improved to improve visual ergonomics and to suit individual preferences.

- Deep Learning Edge Extraction
Deep Learning edge extraction is a new and unique method to robustly extract edges. There are two major use cases for this new tool. The first case is where images have a wide variety of edge types visible. The tool can be trained with only a few images to reliably extract all desired edges. Hence the programming effort to extract specific types of edges is highly reduced. The second major use case, is where edges are low contrast and in high noise situations. The tool is innately able to robustly detect these edges. It makes it possible to extract edges that traditional edge detection filters cannot detect.

- Halcon/Python
HALCON 20.11 introduces a new HALCON/Python interface. This enables developers who work with Python to easily access HALCON's powerful operator set.

Image: Scene with many objects or edges with improved surface based 3D matching tool



Image: Localised grouped characters with Deep OCR
What is HALCON?


Dubbed "the power behind machine vision", HALCON is a fast, comprehensive and powerful software for all demanding areas of machine vision applications such as position recognition, object identification, fault-detection, code reading, print quality inspection, surface inspection, remote sensing and aerial imaging, and all complex 3D-vision tasks.

With each new version, you can apply cutting-edge, deep-learning algorithms to your application with HALCON's ability to train Convolutional Neural Networks. After training, the network can be used to classify new data. Typical application areas for this deep learning technology is in the field of defect classification (circuit boards, bottle mouths, pills... and more) or object classification (e.g. identifying the species of a plant from one single image). Handcrafting of features is no longer necessary with Deep Learning.

HALCON's powerful library includes a wide variety of operators and also provides interfaces to hundreds of cameras and frame grabbers. Additionally, HALCON secures your investment by supporting most common standards, operating systems and programming languages.

Quick and efficient building of imaging solutions is possible with HALCON'S highly-interactive and integrated development environment saving costs and improving time-to-market.





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