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HALCON Version 21.11 available now!

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HALCON Version 21.11: The Latest Features

AI² Interface
A typical issue associated with current AI Accelerator hardware
is the proprietary API's that currently have no set standard. To combat this MVTec introduced the AI² Interface. AI² is future-proof and allows the impentation of plug-ins for specific hardware. Currently TensorRT™ and OpenVINO™ tookits are available, but expect more to come.

OpenVINO™ is a toolkit for high-performance deep learning on Intel hardware. The toolkit extends workloads across Intel® hardware (including accelerators) and maximizes performance.

OpenVINO™ provides plugins for Intel hardware such as:
• Intel CPUs
• Intel GPUs
• Intel VPUs (e.g., Intel® Movidius™ Neural Compute Stick)

Using the OpenVINO™ toolkit plugin can shorten system runtime and lower memory consumption.

Code128 Reader improvements.
HALCON 21.11 allows codes with a larger amount of blur to be read.

Instance Segmentation

HALCON 21.11 delivers a new technology called “instance segmentation”. This combines semantic segmentation and object detection. Instance segmentation allows objects to be assigned to different classes with pixel accuracy. This technology is useful in applications where objects are very close to each other, touch or overlap.

Improved Dictionary Handling

Dictionaries make it easy and convenient to manage complex data in HALCON. For example, different data types such as images, Regions Of Interest and parameter settings can be bundled in a single dictionary. Dictionaries can now be initialized with a single operator call and the syntax for adding and retrieving elements has been simplified. In addition, the auto-completion now also suggests the keys contained in the dictionary, which further speeds up and simplifies working with dictionaries.

Future-proof interface for shape-matching

HALCON 21.11 provides Generic Shape Matching that offers user-friendly access to MVTec’s industry-proven shape matching technologies. In this version users can now implement their solution much faster as the number of required operators is significantly reduced. Further, existing functionalities are enhanced to increase usability. e.g. the clutter feature has been integrated, handle inspection has been optimised, and additional parameters have been integrated and included in the automatic parameter estimation.

Additional Features
HDevelop now offers a dark mode.
• Canvas now offers a zooming tool as well as the ability to fit all graphic windows into view.
• The bar code reader now allows users to set a maximum bar code width.

Deep Learning Instance segmentation
Bar Code Reader for Code 128 with blur
What is HALCON?
Dubbed "the power behind machine vision", HALCON is a fast, comprehensive and powerful software for all demanding areas of machine vision applications such as position detection, object identification, fault-detection, code reading, print quality inspection, surface inspection, remote sensing and aerial imaging, and all complex 3D-vision tasks.

With each new version, you can apply cutting-edge, deep-learning algorithms to your application with HALCON's ability to train Convolutional Neural Networks. After training, the network can be used to classify new data. Typical application areas for this deep learning technology is in the field of defect classification (circuit boards, bottle mouths, pills... and more) or object classification (e.g. identifying the species of a plant from one single image). Handcrafting of features is no longer necessary with Deep Learning.

HALCON's powerful library includes a wide variety of operators and also provides interfaces to hundreds of cameras and frame grabbers. Additionally, HALCON secures your investment by supporting the most common standards, operating systems and programming languages.

Quick and efficient building of imaging solutions is possible with HALCON'S highly-interactive and integrated development environment saving costs and improving time-to-market.


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