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Latest features of HALCON 22.05: Machine Vision Software

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HALCON 22.05: latest edition now available
HALCON is a comprehensive standard machine vision software with an integrated development environment (HDevelop). HALCON is a premiere machine vision software and is used worldwide. HDevelop provides tools for fast development and so enables cost savings and improves time to market. HALCON’s flexible architecture facilitates rapid development of any kind of machine vision application. HALCON serves all industries, and is suited to applications that require a sophisticated solution. HALCON tools are continually being developed and improved to make HALCON the state-of-the-art machine vision software. It's deep set of functionality is comprehensive and includes 3D vision and excellent deep learning algorithms.

HALCON 22.05: The latest features
Deep OCR Training

HALCON`s Deep OCR enables users to efficiently solve text reading applications in a multitude of use cases. In HALCON 22.05 the training functionality has been extended to offer application specific training with the user's own application dataset. This extends the ability of users to solve complex applications like reading text with low contrast (e.g., on tires).

Another advantage of HALCON's Deep OCR is with the ability to train very rarely used special characters or printing styles. Training for Deep OCR significantly improves the performance and usability and makes applications more robust.

Global Context Anomaly Detection

HALCON 22.05 allows for detection of logical anomalies in images. This builds on the deep learning anomaly detection feature that HALCON software already provides. Previously, it was possible to detect local, structural anomalies. However, the new “Global Context Anomaly Detection” is a technology that can understand the logical content of the entire image. As with HALCON's existing anomaly detection, the “Global Context Anomaly Detection” tool only requires good images for training, eliminating the need of data labeling. This technology makes it possible to detect entirely new variants of anomalies like missing, deformed, or incorrectly arranged components.

Print Quality Inspection improvements

Print Quality Inspection (PQI) refers to the evaluation and grading of certain aspects of printed barcodes and data codes according to international standards.

HALCON supports 1D and 2D codes and in HALCON 22.05, the PQI of data codes has been further improved. It is now up to 150% faster. In addition, the module grid determination for print quality inspection of ECC 200 has been improved.

Other new features
New operator that performs adaptive histogram equalization to improve contrast locally in an image.
HDevelop’s Matching Assistant now generates the code based on Generic Shape Matching.
A number of new tools have been made faster
Small improvements to HDevelop
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