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Gocator 2400 series line profile sensors
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Ultra-High-Resolution Line Profilers for Advanced Inline 3D Inspection
Gocator 2400 sensors are 2-megapixel smart line profilers optimized for industry. Both the 2410 and the 2420 blue laser models provide ultra-high resolution, low-noise profiling for electronics and small parts inspection.

With the latest imaging technology and a new processor, these sensors achieve fast scan speeds, currently (2017) providing the highest X resolution (6 µm) in the industry and excellent Z repeatability (0.2 µm). LMI Technologies' use of blue lasers means that “cleaner” data are generated with highly-reliable results even on shiny surfaces.

The benefits
Provides no-fuss integration
Integrate the single, lightweight and compact unit with minimum cost and little effort. Set-up access is via web browser with no other intervention needed. Comes pre-calibrated.

Offers flexibility
Adapting the system to cater for changing inspection outcomes is easy as the unit is a single system with no other hard/software-component changes necessary. Further, the GUI offers a large variety of functions and choices making modifications trouble-free.

Overcomes the problem of an underpowered PC
Gocator's 2D tools can be used to analyse 3D data if the receiving computer power is inadequate. Save costs by not needing to upgrade the PC.

Returns a fast, reliable and precise inspection with only a single height measurement
Save costs and increase throughput by reducing the time needed per unit inspection while ensuring dependability and accurate failure detection. The faster speed allows multiple exposures to more accurately measure high-contrast targets - the X resolution generating data points evne on very tiny edges or narrow gabp

Offers options for a more comprehensive inspection for odd-shaped parts
Increasing the FOV or adding extra sensors will offer different perspectives of the part with exact image synchronisation performed via the computer.

Other advantages

Flexible and easily adaptable to changing inspection circumstances
• Powerful 2-MP provides ultra-high X-resolution, low- noise and are optimised for industry
Captures fine detail with more data points in one scan
• 50% larger FOV with no data loss or image degradation
Cost-effective, easy to integrate. No extra modules
• Improves measurement accuracy by using data from the whole part
Out-of-the-box, intelligent surface measurement tools. No programming
• Built-in networking for minimum cabling
Fine tuning of setup
• No coding required
Record and playback to refine tolerances
• Supports dual sensor systems with automatic recognition of second sensor
Supports multi-sensor networks (eg thickness measurement) with up to 24 sensors or more
• Provides height and contour data, even on low-contrast surfaces
Blue lasers generate “cleaner” data and highly reliable results even on shiny surfaces
• Enables micron-level measurements

Gocator 2410-2M/3R
Gocator 2420-2M/3R
Scan rate
200 Hz (expanded full window), 400 Hz (G23xx equivalent full window), up to 5 kHz
10 - 10
27 - 32
Points per profile
Resolution (X) (µm)
5.8 - 6.2
14.0 - 16.5
Resolution (Y) (µm)
1.8 - 3.0
Linearity (Z)
Clearance Distance (CD)
Measurement Range (MR)
Laser Class
Recommended - 2M (blue, 405 nm); other laser class - 3R (blue, 405 nm)
Differential Encoder, Laser Safety Enable, Trigger
2x Digital output, RS-485 Serial (115 kBaud), 1x Analog Output (4 - 20 mA)
44x90x145 mm; 0.88 kg

Gocator 2400 series data sheet




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