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Lasiris Laser Lighting
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Lasiris was incorporated in 1985 to offer a unique technical and scientific expertise in lasers, optics and holography. In 1991 Lasiris expanded its product line to offer a wide range of laser pattern projectors for industrial inspection and machine vision. Their mission is to offer innovative high quality laser and optics products to our customers along with the best service and technical support in the industry.

SNF Laser
SNF laser
: structured light pattern projector that transforms the familiar laser dot into different shapes and sizes
Mini Laser
Mini laser
: super compact laser with full electrostatic discharge protection, 10 mm Ø (<0.4'' Ø)

TFC Laser
TEC laser
: thermoelectrically cooled laser with excellent wavelength, power and pointing stability (in Violet, Blue, Red, and Infrared)
MFL Laser
MFL Micro-Focus laser
: laser producing lines as thin as 5.5 µm for utmost accuracy and precision
Magnum Laser
Magnum laser
: high-power line generator, up to 4 W at 810 nm, visible even in full sunlight
DLS & DLSC Spot projectors
: focusable, high quality circular or elliptical beam projector
PTL Laser
PTL laser
: fiber-coupled module, distanced from harmful environments by optical fiber
HPTL Laser
HPTL laser
: high-power fiber-coupled module (up to 2.6 W at 810 nm), distanced from harmful environments by optical fiber



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