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MV-D1024E-PP01-CL-8 Cameras
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The MV-D1024E-PP01-40-CL is suitable for users needing real time image pre-processing on the camera.

With in-built image pre-processing hardware (FPGA) in the camera results cost-savings by not having to rely on specialised frame grabbers or other hardware accelerators . Also, another major advantage of performing image pre-processing on the camera is a dramatic reduction of the vision system computer's CPU load. Consequently, the vision system can run faster or use more sophisticated algorithms in the same time period and so producing better results. The camera supports all common image pre-processing operations in pipelined processors. If you want to implement your own image pre-processing algorithms on the please contact Adept Turnkey.

Aimed at any user-competency level, the camera includes Pixel Professor™ Lab, a graphical user interface (GUI) that allows any user to set up image pre-processing operators with just a few mouse clicks.The image pre-processing hardware in the camera is based on FPGA technology and can be flexibly reprogrammed with new image pre-processing operators, allowing for real time image pre-processing with almost “zero” latency.

• Global shutter • Wide dynamic range of 120dB with LinLog® • FPGA image pre-processing for line position
• Region of Interest, Multiple ROI and Decimation 12–bit greyscale resolution • Convolver 3 x 3 and 5 x 5

• Real-time, on-camera image pre-processing • "Zero" latency with FPGA technology • Very easy to use GUI for standard Machine Vision use
• No FPGA programming knowledge needed • No need for any FPGA programming tools • Reduction–of–vision–system–computer–CPU–load
• Free GUI for easy–graphical–programming of the FPGA • Common–image–preprocessing–operators  


Model MV-D1024-PP01 - CL - 8
Resolution 1024 x 1024 1 megapixel resolution
Sensor 1" monochrome CMOS
Pixel Size 10.6 µm x 10.6 µm
Video Output CameraLink
Max. Frame Rate 37 fps
Mount Type C-Mount (CS-Mount optional)
Operating temperature 0°C ... +60°C
Dimensions 55 x 55 x 40–mm³
Weight 220 g

MV-D1024-PP01 - CL - 8 Data sheet




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