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Hive Lighting: From the future - a plasma light that replicates sunlight

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Hugely efficient, high-output plasma lighting

Why plasma?
Plasma combines the daylight balance and high output of HMIs with the energy efficiency, reliability and durability of LEDs, but exceeds both in colour rendering and spectrum. Plasma emitters use a single point-source bulb, with no electrodes or filaments. Instead, the quartz bulb is filled with a blend of noble gases and metal salts to make an inert gas. When this gas is excited it shifts its state of matter from gas to plasma, which results in an incredibly powerful light source.

Full-spectrum light source with no worries about flicker or heat generation
If you want energy-efficient; flicker-free capture and the world's most reliable, high-speed-light source, Hive's Plasma lighting is the answer.

Operating at speeds well beyond the fastest LED lighting, Hive's plasma bulbs cycles 450 million times-per-second which is well beyond the frame rates currently possible with any high-speed camera - with flicker being detected only at the equivalent of 225 million frames-per-second - as yet untested because no camera can capture at that speed.

Hive’s lights generate far less heat than HMIs and Tungstens. They do become warm, but can be touched without wearing gloves and can be moved around while they are on.

Hive's lights deliver full-spectrum daylight, just as bright as sunlight and without high energy consumption. Plasma is also very efficient and can be plugged into a wall power point with several of the Wasp models plugged into the same single wall outlet, producing the equivalent amount of light as a 4KiloWatt HMI.

The small arc of a plasma bulb allows for extremely efficient optics which means that the single plasma point source is perfect for any long throw applications. If light is needed 2 or 200 metres away, plasma’s fall-off is much more efficient than any other light source.

Colour rendering
With Hive’s Variable Colour Temp, their plasma bulbs can track with the changing colour temperature of the sun from 4600K – 7000K, while maintaining full-spectrum output and a CRI above 98. But, unlike Tungsten lighting that has little to no blue, or HMIs with no red, plasma’s spectrum, like the sun, is able to render colour equally across the visible spectrum.




While no technology is completely indestructible, plasma bulbs have become the choice in many mission-critical lighting applications inside and outside. Hive's plasma bulbs are electrode-less, filament free and unpressurized with an inert noble gas fill which results in a vibration-, impact- and weather-resistant lamp. The bulb will maintain high output and colour quality for 30,000 hours of operation, and will produce light for 50,000.

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